codename /// reva

Guide & convert your traffic with your custom smart assistant for real estate.
Find your next dream home with your voice.

Guide your audience with their real estate questions

  1. Describe your ideal housing, by typing or by voice, in a fully natural fluid way
  2. The assistant analyzes among 75 criteria, from the pool to the sun direction
  3. Corresponding properties from your own listings are displayed
  4. The lead provide its contact details, along with the whole discussion context

A recognized innovation

Trusted by reputable clients

Nexity Pierre & Vacances Conseil Immobilier


Natural progressive conversations

Fluid and natural discussions with a proactive assistant that guides your users though.

Always on

Day and night, on holidays, the assistant is always available.

Instant answers

Answers and results delivered in real time.

Voice enabled

Able to listen to your voice as-you-speak, on top on your typing.


Designed for an optimal mobile experience, and available to all your devices, including tablets and desktops.

Unfold all the features


Key usage metrics let you track down what’s working the best.


Embed your assistant to your portal or intranet with a drop-in 3-liner script.


Integrate with public APIs to enrich its capabilities; or rely on private endpoints.


Make your own assistant, with your own branding.


User recognition for a preserved history of conversation.


Advanced conversational module editor, that relies on our open source botml syntax.

Data auto-structuration

Automated structured data extraction from unstructured listings data.

Quality of service

A dedicated public monitoring page informing of the service availability.

Listings import

Automated extraction of listings data from pre-existing APIs endpoints.

Listings sync

Automated synchronization with your Poliris-formatted listings, and semi-automated data extraction from Excel or CSV files.

Rich content

Advanced formating for conversation dialogues (texts, pictures, videos, custom).


Handle losing connectivity to the network, and recovery.


Display listings on a map (for exclusive offers).

A plan suited to all real estate stakeholders