We are ///codename

We are a digital team of coders with an expertise in web. Our team is one of its kind, with tech people with varied interests and capabilities in chatbots, mobile, apps, A.I., natural language processing and recommender systems. We also happen to do normal stuff now and then. We value team learning over predispositions, engagement over self-interest and execution over all. You are a full-stack coder with guts and you have what it takes? -> let's talk!

## team highlights

We are digital natives. The team is global, accross multiple continents, but for the main part we are located in (and provide services) in France. <> Arnaud, CEO, full-stack Prior to Codename, he worked for IBM, Accenture & co-founded Sonetin, a company dedicated to providing a robust solution to tighten digital communities with an Enterprise Social Network solution adapted to everyone. <> Artem, Developer, full-stack He joined us in March 2018, and since then has been working full-time on Reva, our in-house smart assistant. Artem knows his stuff when coming to Docker, React, Vue, Postgres and WebSocket. <> Vincent, Partner, A.I. enabler Really one of its kind, Vincent can deliver both in sales and in technology, and always finds a way to satisfy customers with innovative solutions. <> and also Gleb, Tom, Ihcene <and you?>

## our stack

We focus on both robust & emerging technologies. react vue js css3 postgres docker sass

## in-house innovations

We work on truly innovative software. <> Reva - the Real Estate Virtual Agent We leverage conversation for finding your next dream home #react // #vue // #node // #postgres // #docker // #textmining <> Botml - a powerful markup language for modern chatbots Our take on how a bot should be designed. #parsers // #statemachines <> Tine - the first smart & collaborative notepad. You take notes. Tine handles the rest. Magically. #preact // #couchdb

## clients highlights

We deliver solutions to reputable clients. <> Nexity / Real Estate We're glad to work with this well-known french Real Estate company, by providing them with a fresh and innovative solution to help them convert leads through a conversational interface. <> Bouygues Telecom / Telco Bouygues is one major french telco and is known for the quality and availability of its network. Their moto: We love technology. So do we! <> Cleed / Fashion Cleed envisions a future where you don’t need to worry looking after new clothes, as they know what you’ll like before you know it, and proactively help you buy new articles as soon as they arrive. We coded the whole app, back and front, using a micro-services architecture and a fast and reliable custom recommended system that can recommend articles that will suit you, and only you.

## we're hiring

We are always looking for new talents! We offer challenging missions with competitive salary and great work conditions. You are a full-stack coder with guts and you have what it takes? -> let's talk! On recrute aussi en Français - we speak Molière™ ///