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Productive & collaborative note-taking app for everyday use.
Take notes. Tine handles the rest. Magically.

Organize your thoughts

Today, when we want to quickly take a note on a device, we’re forced to choose between slow and deliberate or fast and messy.

Slow and deliberate disrupts the train of thought itself while fast and messy leads to disorganized notes siloed away in different places. The result is a tradeoff between a cognitive and creative break or losing notes in a misused drafts folder.

Regardless of which option, we actually regressed from the simplicity of paper and pen that existed before.

There is the need for a simple, intuitive & lightweight note-taking app that allows us to jot things down naturally. We take notes in a raw, text format, and the integrated intelligence auto-transforms the stored information into an accessible and actionable data - whether code, lists or calculations.

           Use case: Prepare a wedding, from the todo list to the expenses

Reclaim your productivity

Tine is a subset of current collaboration based tools.

Yet from a user perspective, Tine can replace to a limited extent the usage of most of the collaborative tools out there - limited/simple feature set that trades depth for breadth & flexibility.

           Use case: Plan a project with simple yet effective tasks


Focus on your writing and publish your content your way, in a distraction-free, yet feature-rich modern app.
Write code, novels or whatever your way: the app will detect the language you use and adapt accordingly (syntax highlighter).